If you are looking to succeed in any endeavour, start with your mindset. It is the key to managing and leading anyone, including yourself.

In the simplest terms, the mindset is your energy, it is your vibe, it is the way you motivate, it is the way you attract success or not. Emotional Intelligence 101.

You send positive or negative energy: 1) to others, 2) to yourself – via the quality of your internal talk – what you are thinking  at a given moment. When the thought is set – let’s say you have a negative judgement about someone – it is very difficult to send that person a positive vibe.

If you send  positive energy, you inspire and motivate others. If you send negative energy, you will frustrate, scare or depress others.

Mind your thoughts, watch your mind. Borrow a third eye and pay attention :-). Actually, this eye is inside your mind. Find it there, so you can stay aware and, therefore, be effective. If you discover negative thoughts,  figure out how to learn from them and how to transform them.

Every slowdown in performance is the result of  a negative mindset. Mindsets create behaviour. Behaviour leads to a result. The result influences the mindset. Watch how you are affected by this cycle many times before trying to see this in others.

What is new here? The leader’s foremost responsibility is to be a witness. A witness to the workings of their own mind.

Jacek Skyski Skrzypczynski, Power-Back Executive Guide, M.Goldsmith Associate Coach. The triangle taken from M.Goldsmith associate training in 2007.