there is no real success without vision

Great masters of various cultures often set out
on 40-day retreats in order to clarify their vision.

We offer you an intense, 3-day expedition.
You will be given something those masters
were not: the support of the guide and group,
as well as special exercises which will activate your energy.,,
tel: +48 71 351 83 61 ; mobile: + 48 607 649 129 ,

Master your Vision & Strategy

Problems resulting from lack of vision

  1. You waste yours and others’ time and energy
  2. You head in the wrong direction
  3. At some point you lose your sense of purpose and commitment
  4. Everyone’s frustration levels rise and creativity is blocked
  5. As a leader, you may experience difficulty in making decisions, as well as motivating yourself and others

Clarity of your vision is what gives you the advantage

We live in a world of VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. We are constantly bombarded with information. As S. Covey advises, “start with what’s most important”. In order to know what this is, you need to have a clear vision.

A Verified System of Personal Effectiveness

This expedition for Vision is a combination of exciting outdoor tasks, deep dialogues, individual reflection and applying the discoveries from these experiences to your own personal effectiveness. The program will include:

  • a Vision Quest
  • a specially prepared session on discovering your own vision
  • intense group work on individual visions and specific goals
  • activities based on the concept of learning through action (experiential learning), which will help you specify your strategies of career and life development

“I am impressed with the results of Jacek’s work with me. In this process I experienced inner purification from frustration, reduced self – confidence and a lack of clear vision. I experienced a fundamental change in my view on problems and professional reality. This is a Huge Success. It will help me for many years in any area of my commitment.”

Radek Janiak, Managing Director, CEE Synexus

When and where?

May 2018, Góry Stołowe
Beautiful venue – a cozy, modernly furnished guest house.

Required to participate

  1. A recommendation from a person who has already worked with us and knows you well.
  2. A qualifying interview to align your goals with ours and to adapt the plan to your individual needs
How to apply
  1. Send your application to the address:
  2. Call us at +48 603 649 129 or leave your contact details – we will call you back.
  3. We will arrange a brief interview to check your readiness for the program.
  4. After the interview you will receive an information package with all of the details.