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  • Focus on Results
  • Training by Experience
  • Action not Talking
  • Authentic, Natural Path
  • Cutting-edge Strategy
  • Bio, Neuro & Social Science
  • Systems Intelligence

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Areas of Jacek’s Coaching

Self-Leadership – Disciplined Thinking

Strategy coaching

clarify your purpose & direction

Achieving clarity regarding what is most important – is typically the first fundamental issue that busy executives need to address. Renewing your vision, values and strategy helps you to become more decisive, to delegate better and to execute better – providing a solid path to success. Strategy coaching is the main platform for all other executive development areas.

Mind Mastery

master your focus and determination

This is a key area for you if you are experiencing, overwhelm, exhaustion or any other form of stress at work or at home. Interestingly, it is the matter of awareness of your inner conversations as well as the awareness of your emotions. Once you are more aware, we can help you to manage them much better – saving you time, energy as well as reducing stress.

Energy and engagement coaching

perform at your best consistently

We believe that being a manager is similar to being a sportsman – a corporate athlete. Remaining fit physically, emotionally and mentally is the key to your long term success. Remember – your attitude, energy and the level of engagement always influence others.

Leading Others – disciplined people

Synergy – team mastery

be the leader others want to follow

Your team effectiveness is the key skill area that will influence your executive standing and your success in the long term. As you are climbing up the executive ladder, what matters more and more is your team performance, not your skill in individual tasks. We cover team dysfunctions, team toxins as well as understanding and working with the human systems.

People mastery

master your influence

Social awareness and interpersonal skills are the key to success in building and maintaining fruitful individual relationships – no matter in what type of business you are in. The social intelligence skills are recognized by science as the top differentiator between truly outstanding leaders and the average ones.

Communication that motivates

convey & connect effectively

How you communicate with others is another decisive factor of your success. In this area we concentrate on clarity, quality and content of your communication. What, when and how to communicate most effectively, with focus on 1 on 1 conversations and team meetings. We cover 2-way communication, empathy, listening, asking questions as well as the coaching approach to others.

Executing Effectively – disciplined action

Executive Presence and Confidence in Public

express your professional voice in style

Without strong presence and confidence you will not achieve much in the corporate world. In this area, we work on your inner game, making it less of a game and more the expression of your true identity. Authentic public confidence is the combination of voice and body language skills, presentation methods as well as the ability to build the real bridge between you and others.

Execution Mastery

get things done. period

How do you get things done by others? In business, after strategy, there is nothing as important as execution. This process focuses on increasing effectiveness of your actions, building your courage and overcoming inner and outer barriers. It also helps you to delegate effectively and manage accountability of your team members – using various motivational and operational approaches.

Personal Challenge coaching

overcome any difficulty

Crisis or potential crisis in a form of a big challenge are special cases when you need to really pull your executive and personal strings together. How will you keep yourself motivated? How will you manage fear, stress and worry? The potential failure can be greatly reduced by diligent preparation for every possible situation that can arise on your way to solving the crisis or achieving your challenge.

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